Ex Post Human

Potential Energy

All downhill from here.


Nascent political movement on Mars have begun to, in the words of leading memetic experts, “radicalize heavily”. Spurred by sharply increasing inequality indexes and increasing irrelevance, Martian nationalists and anti-corporate demonstrators have launched multiple simultaneous demonstrations across Mars, concentrating in Elysium. Planetary Congress representatives today called on the Tharsis League to rein in these groups, widely perceived to be pro-Tharsis. So far, Tharsis Secretary General Natacha Dhiagelev has declined to comment.


Tensions have increased on Bright, the noted technoprogessive corporate habitat run Acumenic. The so-called “Unfettered Geniuses” have made a declaration of independence, claiming ‘their’ part of the habitat free of the restrictions and overwatch provision of the habitat contract. Acumenic stock fell in response, and the corporate group seems to be considering aggressive responses.

Contact from the hab itself has been problematic over the past several hours, with no further updates from Acumenic HQ forthcoming.


On Octavia, the Neo-Synergist group announced the completion of the testing of new headware implants, and a new recruiting drive, with the intention to more than double their current size as soon as possible.

Vocal critics of the Neo-Synergist project called on the Morningstar Confederation to impose sanctions on the action, but thus far their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.



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