• Akira Hideyoshi

    Akira Hideyoshi

    Akira Hideyoshi is a seemingly insane assassin that defected from HyperCorp employ shortly after attempting to incapacitate and egonap Alexei Lazaris. She treats violence as if it were a casual sport or pastime, and apparently has a vendetta against unna
  • Alexei Lazaris

    Alexei Lazaris

    Titanian Argonaut physical engineer
  • Cipher Anaphylaxis

    Cipher Anaphylaxis

    A quirky bioscientist technician who left a long life's memories behind to start anew.
  • Kathlaurie M. Dion

    Kathlaurie M. Dion

    Dilettante ex-bounty hunter heresiarch and bot jammer.
  • Steven Williamson

    Steven Williamson

    A former Ultimate, Steven left under violent circumstances due to differences in opinions towards the rest of transhumanity. He then headed for the Escalating Application as it seemed transhumanity's best shot at wresting Earth from the TITANS and back t
  • Alexander


    A former US Senator using his talents and connections to advance the extreme technoprogessive cause, and his own agenda.
  • Deon Mikkelsen

    Deon Mikkelsen

    An independent gatecrasher and aspiring posthuman.
  • Mother


    Matronly posthuman security chief and posthuman.
  • Patience


    Troublemaking journalist and sneak.
  • Tomasz Marek

    Tomasz Marek

    Ruthlesss Organization arms dealer.