Uses the kinetic weapons skill. A shotgun that does not take extended magazine modification is considered to have a tube magazine; at any time, a shotgun round can be placed in the chamber to be fired next, but most be reloaded one shell at a time. A shotgun that takes the extended magazine mod has double the normal ammunition count, and is considered to have box magazine (and can be reloaded normally). [Low]

DV: 2d10+6 (16)
AP: -2
Firing Modes: SA, BF, FA
Ammo: 8
Range: As SMG

AP: -
DV: –
Reduce ranges to equivalent to Shredder, acts as a cone weapon. Target’s kinetic armor value counts as twice its normal value (before AP).
AP: -2
DV: -1
AP: -4
DV: -2
Flechette ammunition may take smart ammunition options.

Microgrenade: Specially designed microgrenades can be fired as shotgun shells. These microgrenades can be fired using the kinetic weapons skill. If the weapon contains a smartlink, the microgrenade can use a smart ammunition option. Range remains the same as the shotgun (ie, SMG equivalent)

With the exception of microgrenades, shotgun ammunition is [Trivial] cost.


Shotguns have largely fallen out of favor in both police and military use, and are largely considered collectors or sporting weapons.


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