Uses the kinetic weapons skill. May not include a smartlink or smart ammunition. When fabricating this type of gun with a blueprint, the individual components can be assembled in less than an hour by a standard desktop CM, and a ten minute Easy (+10) Hardware:Armorer Task Action. If the blueprints are out of date or the fabber security is exceptionally good, a Hard (-10) Programming task action of one hour may be required to update or obfuscate the blueprints. Blueprints include standard ammunition specs, and frequently come with integral laser sight and extended magazine modifications.

Cost varies based on legality; Trivial where such things are legal to Moderate where illegal, and even as much as High where thorough surveillance and heavy punishment await those responsible for selling them. Blueprints with hacks and tweaks to get around the latest fabber security are typically High, with older versions often freely available on a sufficiently unsecured connection.

DV: 2d10+3 (14)
AP: –
Firing Modes: SA, BF
Ammo: 9


The Sluggun is an improvised fabricated weapon, whose components are designed to appear harmless to the simple AI of the average Cornucopia Machine. Commonly found in the hands of criminals in otherwise secure cities and habitats, this makeshift weapon is an iconic component of the popular culture and lore about criminals and other dangerous people. This weapon is approximately the size and shape of an SMG, but frequently includes a fold-out or disguised outer shell to evade detection.

The weapon’s mechanism is a coilgun (or Gauss gun) with a muzzle velocity slightly lower than that of a standard firearm, which it makes up for by having a larger projectile. It frequently is designed to fire in short bursts to make up for it.


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