Acat's EP Fixes

Acat’s EP Fix List

This is an ongoing development list of things that I’d like to change, not something that I’ve actually decided on. It’s open for commentary, criticism. In general it is preferable to make the minimum changes to make EP more fun, balanced, and usable, with realism being a secondary concern at best.


All morphs have a Strength Modifier. Some rough categories based on existing morphs (not exhaustive):

  • +30: NeoGorilla, Bruiser
  • +20: Fury, Olympian
  • +10: Worker Pod
  • +0: Splicer, Synth, Exalt, Ruster
  • -10: Case, Neotenic
  • -20: Kite, Blackbird
  • -30: Spare, Flying Squid

Raw strength tests and grappling are now modified by the Strength Modifier of the morph used by the character(s) in question. For each +10 of SM, add +1d10 damage in melee; if the SM is less than zero, divide melee damage by two.

Augmentations such as Pneumatic Limbs, and Enhanced Musculature add +10 to the Strength Modifier, as does wearing a battlesuit or exowalker. Strength modifiers do not go above 30 except in exceptional (ie, GM-approved) situations, such as for extremely large morphs or advanced technology.


- The Ambidextrous trait eliminates penalties for using weapons in the off hand, but does not eliminate penalties for using more than one weapon at once.


- “Character has cover” does not give a -10 penalty; the only penalty applies when the character is attempt to shoot around a corner without exposing themselves (using smartlink systems to aim).
- Characters being suppressed by an automatic weapon must make a WIL x 3 check to expose themselves. A critical failure inflicts 1d10/2 SV. Drones, characters with extensive combat experience, or emotional control receive a +30 bonus. This can be hardened against as if it was a source of stress.
- Attacks with melee weapons by default make two attacks per complex action, with any combination of weapons they are wielding (including the same weapon twice). Off-hand penalties apply if the character is not ambidextrous.
- Characters with melee weapons are considered to automatically have a reach advantage over any character that does not have a melee weapon or shield of some sort.
- Called shots to areas such as the head, critical organs, etc, are considered to be “massively wounding”. These shots gain no extra DV, but the wound threshold of the target is considered to be halved for that attack.
- As a Quick Action, characters can make a Snap Shot; this is a single ranged weapon attack at a -20. In addition, ammunition and weapon bonuses (smartlink, laser sight, smart ammunition) do not apply to the shot. The shot may be a burst or full-auto attack.


- All weapons can substitute for all other weapons at a -20 penalty; but this only applies to basic weapon attacks (single shot, burst, full auto); you cannot use any of the special abilities of a weapon (indirect seeker fire, concentrated fire with beam weapons) can be used while substituting.
- Clubs and Blades can always substitude for each other at a -20.

Items Modifications:

- The chameleon cloak is split into two different items:

  • The “Chameleon Cloak” is a cloak that mimics the property of chameleon skin (pg 303), except with a heat sink, and has the same cost as the default chameleon cloak.
  • The “Adaptive Cloak” is a cloak that works as the chameleon cloak and coating in the book are described; cost of High for both the cloak and for the armor mod.

- Railguns are now much more powerful, to make up for their lack of options. A railgun version of a weapon is now AP -5, DV +4 compared to the standard version.

- Quantum FTL transmission isn’t a thing.


- Figure out plasma weaponry principles; is it a beam or a toroid? Does it make sense in its current role? Possibly add blooming effects, etc.


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Acat's EP Fixes

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