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This game is on break until November 18 .

You are citizen-creators of the beehive habitat Escalating Application, formerly ‘Rig-44-0EA’. This medium earth orbit habitat was taken over during the Fall by an adaptive, dangerous TITAN virus, and you…took it back. You needed it, you see, because you had ‘plans’. That’s what your little group has in common – if not precisely ambition in the conventional sense, a sense of purpose, a sense of fighting back, a sense that you are meant to simply be more. And you’re not afraid to seize that more with both hands, claws, or tentacles, if need be. You can be from anywhere, could be anyone – as long as you’re a useful someone, someone who doesn’t mind working for and with things that aren’t quite unambigiously human – or if they do mind, can keep their damned mouth shut.

That’s who you are, what you are. Exhuman, they’ve called you, because you and your friends have decided that you’d to what it takes. “Postie” or “Freak”, in a world that has nothing but the freaks left. Even those of you who retain original(ish) bodies have been branded singularity seekers or TITAN acolytes, when nothing could be farther from the truth. But you’ve learned not to let it bother you, or if you do, you don’t show it. Instead the work continues – cleaning, clearing and renovating your new home, and financing your chosen path by being on the bleeding edge, by providing bits of new information and services to those that are still a step or two behind.

What This Game Is About:

  • This is a series of one-shot-ish games, linked by a common place and group. I don’t have a specific plan, but I have a group of scenarios, events, and ‘ideas’, and I can also improvise based on characters and suggestions.
  • This is about being ‘transhuman’: how far you can take it, what it means to become transhuman – and posthuman, and ex-human. What that means will depend on what the characters are, but this is perhaps the strongest note I want this game to have.
  • This is about ‘conspiracy’: Bigger things, secrets, mystery lurk in the background; you can ignore the little incongruities and continue, oblivious, or examine things in detail – this depends on the attitude and abilities of the players. You can stick to the light, if you cannot find your way in the shadow, but the shadow is there, waiting to be explored.
  • This is about ‘horror’: What you are is terrifying by itself, but what you can become – what others have become – and what life among the ruins does to a mind that still thinks of itself as human – those are the things that become the stuff of nightmares.
  • This is about ‘adventure’: Because all of that said, you still have to ‘want’ to go forward with this. Adventure means wading into things eyes open, having, if not a plan, at least a road to walk on and a willingness to keep moving. There are still things left to see in this post-Fall world worth seeing, adventures worth having, for those brave enough to have them.

What I Need From You:

  • At least one character. You can have several! If you’re not going to use one of the alternate character generation schemes, I strongly recommend that you use one of the available excel spreadsheets. The only real rule is that you have to be a member of or aligned with the “we’re not exhumans, really” group that’s taken over a derelict hab and is using it as a base of operations for their…experiments. Bonus points if you’ve got an image.
  • Acknowledgement that you can show up at the time, or if not, when would be good. When I set up the maptools server, I’ll leave it active, and you should try to connect to it.
  • Some idea of what’s interesting to you. You’re in Earth Orbit, so reclaiming is obvious, and one of the main purposes of the group in general. What sort of adventure do you want your characters to have (regardless, of course, of what those characters want)?


  • Character sheets available here.
  • The name of the server is “Ex Post Human [Eclipse Phase]”, with the player password “transhuman”. I’m using the latest version of MT, which is 1.3.b89.
  • The IRC is on irc.dal.net , channel #exposthuman . We also now have an IC chatroom at #exposthumanIC.

Ex Post Human

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