Ex Post Human

A New Driver

Action and Reaction


In the wake of the unexpected upset regarding Proposition 1171, the Planetary Congress has authorized the construction of a new series of mass driver facilities in Earth Orbit, to replace the soon to be decommissioned mass drivers. A spokesperson for the Planetary Consortium expressed that this move was “a long time coming” and that “the Earth security situation remains dangerous, and the lunar mass drivers were always an unsatisfactory half-measure”.

Fa-Jing industrial group has been awarded the no-compete contract for construction of the weapons, and has itself openned bidding on a lucrative series of military contracts. The industrial giant has stated that it is already considering offers from not only PC standbys like Direct Action, Cyclops Armaments, Red Zone, and Krypton, but also outside organizations such as Gorgon Defense Systems, Ultimate Securities, and even LLA military corp Sunside.

The new mass drivers are planned to be placed in a lower orbit, with more extensive defense grids and a much lower flight time. Security planners have praised the arrangement, noting that it is much hard to subvert via infowar, and much more capable of flattening large-scale outbreaks should they arise.



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