Ex Post Human

Announcement #1

Okay, several things are changing up, in terms of policies, etc.

First, we are now on a Tuesday and Friday schedule. Tuesday is set for 1830 Eastern, and consists of a bonus session with a particular theme – Science Tuesday, Tuesday Night Combat, or Story Time Tues. Friday will our “main” session, with no particular theme and a tendency to advance one or more existing plotlines, and take place at 1700 Eastern.

If this scheduling is a problem, and you will ‘never’ make it to a main session, please let me know immediately.

Second, we are now awarding rez! There are a few caveats to this, though. The first caveat is that I’ll only award rez for characters that have a character sheet on Obsidian Portal. You do not have to fill in the character sheet provided; a link to a google doc is fine. The second is that I’ll only award rez if an adventure log for the adventure is published, listing everyone who participated and a good summary of what happened, and any wiki links generated by that adventure log at least partially filled in.

EDIT: Additionally, rez may be given for events occurring “out of session” provided the events are significant in some way, and the events are recorded in an adventure log .

EDIT^2: 2 rez for whoever creates the article or fills in wiki pages related to the article, 1 for everyone who participated (everyone who participated should be mentioned and linked in the log!). I am completely not above using Rez to get you guys handle this stuff.

Third, due to the proliferation of ongoing projects, morph designs, etc, I’ve added a projects section to the wiki. Any projects that any characters are working on should go there, with at the very least a summary of the goals, methods, and who is working on it. Note that this includes political and social projects as much as purely scientific ones! Currently working on some Research and Development mechanics that should be accessible through that link sometime in the near future, and possibly more general complex task / downtime rules.



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