Ex Post Human


Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

August 8th, 10AF, 0902 LST
Escalating Application, Command Deck

“Oversight’s Sub-director for Lunar Affairs, Yuri Golyubev, made a startling series of accusations today, calling for the quarantine and inspection of a dozen small habitats in Earth Orbit, and for those habitats to be brought in line with various Lunar security treaties. Calling these habitats a ‘hotbed of singularity-seeker activity, unregulated AI research, and other such dangerous activities’, he has suggested that joint ventures between PC mercenary organizations, Oversight, and LLA military forces be mounted to bring these supposed threats under control.

Critics alledge that many of the targeted groups, regardless of their compliance with the Lunar security treaties, are all noted hotbeds of reclaimer sentiment. Combined with the recent announcments regard the mass drivers, and a new degree of uncertain regarding the fate of the automated lunar mass drivers, it appears that the PC is set to continue putting pressure on LLA President Avra Don, and drive a larger wedge between the reclaimer factions and the rest of the LLA."

“So.” Mother’s Pod waved dismissively, and the newstream muted, but the text continued. “As you might have heard, we have a problem.”

Patience frowned. The newly-minted Ghost closed her eyes, accessing her inlays. “I’ve talked to my contacts, and they’re as surprised as anyone else. Normally the PC is big on prepping the media, laying some rumors and groundwork. This…this is a big bolt. I have to wonder what the hell they’re playing at.”

“We have more immediate problems.” Senator Alexander chimed in. The Senator’s hologram was connected from Remembrance. “We’re on that list, and if we get boarded…things won’t go well for anybody here. But even that’s not an immediate concern. The announcement might have been a surprise, but in hindsight they’ve been preparing for this for a while. I’m starting to hear about raids and infowar on parts of the Lunar darknet, and putting the pieces together on a larger operation that’s been going on for some time.”

Mother tsked. “Now, this is interesting, dears. I, for one, don’t plan on waiting around here to be captured. Perhaps…perhaps we can begin by finding some friends in need?”



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