Ex Post Human

Down With The Sickness

Toxic Love.

While relaxing in the Escalating Application’s common area, Cipher Anaphylaxis and Jared Dirac are summoned to the Gamma Labs by Patience, on of the EA’s citizens, for medical treatment. What at first appears to be a simple infection or biomod malfunction turns out to be a deadly nanovirus infection.

Fearing that the infection might be of TITAN origin, left over from the days before the EA was reclaimed, the other EA citizens seek to trace the origins of the virus. Instead of finding a leftover monstrosity, they find a hidden laboratory, created by [[ :adonis-51 | Adonis 51]], a Lost Generation resident of the EA. With some quick thinking, they are able to mostly neutralize the lab and its creations, and Adonis 51 is apprehended without a fight.

Patience is (mostly) saved thanks to the quick medical intervention of Cipher and Jared, and, after careful review, Adonis 51 is allowed to remain, albeit under closer supervision, and continues to work in the Gamma Labs.



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