Ex Post Human


Welcome To The Jungle

In an effort to establish ties of solidarity in the face of scrutiny from the LLA, Seva Kuila was invited to the Escalating Application to broker an agreement with the Argonaut Foundation. Terms were opened for the possibility of a permanent presence of the Argonauts on the EA, and a team of Applicants consisting of Cipher Anaphylaxis, Jared Dirac, Edward Novotny, Kathlaurie Dion, and Mary Watkins was sent to the ‘Flytrap’ habitat. Their purpose there was both to assist Seva and her team in an Argonaut-backed study of the bizzare life forms and local ecosystem, and to provide humanitarian aid for the people still on board. An initial survey showed that the habitat was overgrown with peculiarly hardy and fast-growing plant life and fungi, which was contributing to the slow failure of the habitat’s already-damaged climate regulation system. Jared Dirac, Kathlaurie Dion and Cipher Anaphylaxis began a long-term effort to provide medical care to treat the ailments of the habitat’s residents, while the other applicants made themselves useful in helping with the expedition.



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