Ex Post Human

Friends In Need

Enemy of my enemy...

After discovering that they were being targeted by Oversight – or even higher – the team put their collective brainpower to work trying to come up with an answer to the problem. Their plans included doing some sort of infowar to recover information and plans on the new mass drivers prior to their completion, looking for blackmail material, and forming an alliance with nearby habs that had been targeted.

Due to the distance, they put the former on hold, and eventually, put the search for blackmail material on hold, until they had some better leads. Kathi and William took a shuttle to the Song Cai Flower to meet with Dexter Vo, and start working on a larger alliance (tentatively called the Low Earth Orbit Front, but with little progress on an actual organization by that name). They also started looking into helping the Song Cai Flower with a Triad problem.



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