Ex Post Human

Rouge Gold

Not to be confused with the Rogue's Guild

Applicants were alerted to shots fires via the LEON. It turns out that the Rouge Gold habitat, a nearby scum barge, was under attack by a joint force of Red Zone mercenaries and LLA enforcers. Though they were on the same list of LEO ‘threats’ as the Escalating Application, they were not a member of the LEON, and thus no immediate action was taken by LEON on their behalf.

Instead, Applicants observed as the he scum were surprised with long-range, disarming bombardments and the rapid nullification of their outer defenses. Though most of the Red Zone drones in the first wave were destroyed, their fleet suffered only one casualty. The Rouge Gold looked all but doomed.

The tide of the battle turned back in their favour when Red Zone dropships, lulled into a false sense of security by the Rouge Gold’s apparent disarmament, fell into an impromptu ambush, where the defenders cut holes in one module and launched missiles from inside. Of the three dropships, one was destroyed and another was crippled in the ensuing explosions. The third only managed to deploy through a markedly impressive and daring maneuver by its pilot, who bounced the ship off the habitat’s hull and used grapple lines to halt its motion.

Between these two brave displays, Red Zone’s boarding force was cut in half, but the boarding occured, and though Red Zone still appears to have the upper hand—and the LLA ships have been providing support and rescue to their wounded vessels—the full scope of events is still unknown. The final outcome, however, is that Red Zone has occupied the habitat on behalf of the LLA and have taken some ‘survivors’ captive.

Apart from watching the show, Applicants mostly discussed intervention strategies, the purpose and domain of the LEON, and argued about tactics and predicting the outcome, though little came of this. It’s unclear what reaction, if any, the LEON will take to this—or if it can really be called an ‘affront’, when the depraved scum were so much in fact an enemy to the state on account of their own alleged illegal activities.



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