Ex Post Human

The Ten Star Encounter

First Contact Is A Bitch

The team, consisting of Kathi M.D., William Jackson, Sevastian Rianofski, John Stevens, Shinobu Saito, began an attempt to scout out the Ten Star Hotel, an old megacorp habitat that skirts the edge of the forbidden zone of Low Earth Orbit. Partway through the mission, contact was lost with the team. They attempted to evacuate the habitat before it would drop into the killzone and make egress impossible for another full orbit, but their shuttle was engaged and destroyed by a fighter hailing from the Exceeds Expectations, a destroyer-class ship belonging to the mercenary group Red Zone. The only survivor, if you can call it that, was Kathi, who suffered severe brain damage and all memory of the mission was lost. A dedicated search found pieces of both William Jackson and John Stevens, but not of the other two, leading to some speculation that they may have remained on board – however, in the past week nothing has been heard from them, and a small constellation of Red Zone killsats now patrols that orbit, making any sort of recovery operation…problematic. They are now assumed to have either died on board, or in the shuttle shoot-down.

Officially, nothing has happened – Red Zone’s stance is that they were hired by the holding company that has the title to the Ten Star Hotel, but not the time or inclination to begin recovery operations, and are thus protecting their client’s claim from scavengers. Fortunately, the scavengers that they shot down have not been identified.



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