Tarakan Rev I

Prototype Advanced Combat Morph


Technical Specifications

Aptitude Bonuses

Tarakan’s design specification includes an enlarged cyberbrain, enhanced artificial muscle strands, high-precision control circuitry and lightning-fast neural bus speeds. It is expected to provide +5 to REF, COO, SOM and COG. Integrated movement and flight subprocessors grant +15 to freerunning and +15 to flight.


The Tarakan design’s ultimate form incorporates the following augmentations, however systems integration for so many upgrades is proving to be a significant challenge, and variants lacking certain features are likely to be produced:

Low Medium High Expensive
Access Jacks Basic Mesh Inserts Reduced Signature Emergency Farcaster
Chameleon Skin Cortical Stack Heavy Combat Armor
Cyberclaws Cyberbrain
Eelware Thrust Vector (turbofan)
Enhanced Vision Thrust Vector (rocket)
Enhanced Hearing Laser/Microwave Link
Fixed Weapon Mounts (2) Tactical Networks
Prehensile Feet Articulated Weapon Mount
Radar Concealed Weapon Mounts (2)
Extra Limbs (Max 16)


Durability Death Rating Wound Threshold Pain Filter Unarmed DV Bonus Shock Immunity
65 130 13 20 15 10
Movement Armor
6/30 24/24


Tarakan is Tough (L2), but suffers from Social Stigma: Combat Morph and Uncanny Valley.


Project Tarakan

The Tarakan is a new morph design currently undergoing Research & Development. It was envisioned by Alexei Lazaris. The project aims to create a highly mobile yet durable morph that can carry an inordinately large amount of firepower. Alexei has often likened it to a ‘Pocket Fenrir’, unfortunately the Rev I prototype fails to live up to that expectation.


Tarakan is a 2.5 meter tall synthmorph covered in geometric heavy armor plates. It has 3-segment digitigrade legs, each with 5 digits making the limbs prehensile. Closer inspection would reveal active nanites programmed to divide or fuse the legs depending on the mission parameters. The system is obviously borrowed from FlexBot designs. The upper body is stylistically humanoid, but proportioned differently than flats or other human-esque morphs. On the chest can be seen the seams of two concealed weapons bays. The arms look to be robotic imitations of the limbs used by other humanoid morphs, save for the reinforced forearms. The arms are equipped with the same subdivision nanites as the legs. The forearms have fixed weapons mounts, able to adapt to beam, kinetic or missile weaponry. The morph’s head appears to be a quasi-canine armor helm. A vast collection of sensors adorn it, and a weapon mount sits in its forehead. In strategic locations throughout the morph, thrust vector jets protrude.

Tarakan Rev I

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